Snow shoveling work at Meadowlands for winter 2014–Interviews Mon 11/24 @ Masonic Temple Paterson

snow shoveling at MetLife Stadium

METLIFE STADIUM SNOW REMOVAL (occasional, on demand work)
Compensation: $10-14 per hour
Interviews Mon 24 Nov 2014 6-9PM at Masonic Temple, Paterson NJ

Job Description:
Snow removal employees needed to work after all major snow events at MetLife Stadium during the winter season between NOVEMBER 2014 and JANUARY 2015.

Snow Removal is physically demanding and may take place in cold, wet and miserable conditions, including, but not limited to snow storm events. Ideal candidate must be physically fit, have the proper clothing to stay dry and be able to work for an extensive period of time. Lunch Breaks and Warm Up Breaks will be provided in Indoor Stadium Box Areas between work sessions. Successful candidate must also be a self- starter and be committed to safety at all times. Please visit our website and watch “what to expect while shoveling”

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Meditación hacia la abundancia con Chopra y Cala

Me agrada esta diciplina de 21 meditaciones en Español e Inglés con Deepak Chopra y Cala. Grátis. Aproveche para atraer a la abundancia.
abundance meditation

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Thanksgiving 2014 in Newark – interact and giving FAQ

Here’s more information on giving to and interacting with Newark’s homeless and hungry for Make Thanksgiving 2014 for the Hungry & Homeless! Pictures on this page are from 2012 Break Bread With You Thanksgiving Celebration. Photographer: Kimi Wei

Some of the kids


Reach out to Luís 201-357-7341, Ivan 201-688-0036 or Kimi 862-203-8814 for donation instructions, to schedule a donation drop-off, or to learn about roasting a turkey at your home.

Drop-off Locations

We have drop-off locations in Essex, Passaic and Bergen Counties for food, clothing, shoes and other items at:

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Thanksgiving 2014 community giving & celebrations

North Jersey


FP Youth Outcry’s Break Bread With You and PACTS (delivering 3500 home-cooked meals in the Greater Newark area)


Ken & Corey’s coat drive

Ken McDaniels & Corey L. Teague
Ken & Corey's coat drive
Ken McDaniels says: The need is greater this year than any other year I’ve seen. Just walking the streets of Paterson and seeing so many kids who don’t have a winter coat is gut wrenching. Let’s show love and be a blessing.

Paterson turkey drive

On Saturday, November 22nd, 2014 10:30am-11:30am, 4th and Inches Foundation will be hosting The Rickey Edwards Turkey Drive at NJCDC, 32 Spruce St. Paterson, NJ. To drop off before November 22 contact Director Emanuel Capers 973-572-5223 or email

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Make Thanksgiving 2014 for the Hungry & Homeless!

How about you? This year, will you help make Thanksgiving wonderful for the many who don’t have the wherewithal to do it themselves? We are talking about those without a home … or lacking family to share the holiday cheer.

There are plenty of opportunities to roast turkeys and bake pies in the days leading up to the holiday and to share food and love on Thanksgiving Day with community members in need of TLC and cheerful company. We are also collecting money, gift cards and clothing! If you have an event to share or questions about how and what to donate, reach out to me on Facebook or Twitter.

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Treasure life!

We need to be happy with the life we have. Otherwise, we’ll be dissatisfied all of our lives. Life is never going to be perfect, but it is a gift from God – and is to be treasured in all its imperfect glory.

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Free press defender Joe Torres speaks at BCC Oct 2

Joe Torres @ BCCThere are times in history when the story of current events – what we know as news – enters a state of flux. New voices emerge to tell the stories of people and our world that are happening in real time. Today, we see this with YouTube, blogging, social media, community radio and TV. Periods of change can also be times of danger. People’s right to know must be protected and reporters must hold themselves responsible for present facts and truth without embellishment as far as they are able to discern them … in other words, the principles of expository journalism must be upheld.

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Mother of killed 4 year old Israeli boy writes to UN Sec’y General

UN Camp teaches Jew hatred
(Foto Source) Our good family friend Rabbi Moshe Jordan S. Yasgur forwarded this email, written by the mother of a 4 year old Israeli boy to UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon. The recent Hamas-Gaza conflict has caused an international outcry to be raised against Israel, but examination reveals that the barbarities and calls for genocide are emanating from the Hamas side.

My sons’ godfather Rabbi Moshe Yasgur forwarded us this letter, written by the mother of a 4 year old Israeli boy to UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon. 

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Why would they make a heart out of palms?

hearts of palm_canWhen you’re a kid, certain things just don’t make sense. One of those for me, were hearts of palm. They tasted OK but I still didn’t want to eat too many of them. Couldn’t figure out why anyone would want to replace a good old red-blooded human heart with a heart made out of these things.

It was decades before I would “get” that one, but now I can finally enjoy gobbling these bad boys up without feeling I’m colluding in some kind of Frankenstein experiment.

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Errr, Dems: campaign means promote our candidates, not theirs

gop candidates promoted by demsAnother reason progressives lose: we’re morons at candidate promotion. Constantly naming the oppositions’ candidates and pasting photos of them all over the media is not a winning strategy.

Stop helping the other team give their candidates face time and views. Just freakin’ stop. Door hangers featuring GOP candidates belong in the Dem HQ recycling bins.

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Can we have those laptops & iPads you schools/companies don’t want?

Hoboken laptops being discardedSchools and companies buy laptops and iPads. Later, they upgrade or just don’t want them any more and they get thrown away. How can we get that technology into the hands of community members who can use them?

Share a comment if you have an idea about how we can acquire equipment that is earmarked to be discarded and dismantled.

Please understand, I have no equipment to give away :(

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Young Black woman Zionist shares her truths about Israel

Screen shot 2014-07-28 at 11.32.53 PMChloé Simone Valdary is young Black non-Jewish woman Zionist who believes that the current worldwide campaign to create unfounded hatred of Jews and Israel has been artificially engineered by Arab oil magnates, and is funded with their fortunes. Chloé established the group “Allies for Israel” at the University of New Orleans where she studies, to fight “anti-Israel sentiment and anti-Semitism on campus”.

In Tablet Magazine Chloé explains why an anti-Israeli/Jewish position is fundamentally wrong, especially for African Americans:

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What is capitalism?

Capitalism is an economic system in which a small group of people at the top of a financial hierarchy exploit others at lower levels according to the principle: buy low sell high. This small group uses profits to buy land and also control labor rates and conditions; food, water, transportation and processes others must buy, rent or use in order to participate in organized society – thereby setting in motion a self-perpetuating system of automatic wealth acquisition. As long as society functions, those holdings will be used and the holders of them will acquire greater wealth, which will translate into more acquisition in a never ending loop.

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J4J report shares important data about attacks on public ed

School closings across the USA
The Journey 4 Justice Alliance has issued an important new report entitled Death By A Thousand Cuts which includes the number and location of school closings not previously gathered together by any major organization or media portal. It discusses the racist motivation of the misnamed “education reform” movement; the injustice that investor-based charters represent – institutions which are publicly funded but privately controlled; and is a must-read for any person interested in education equity.

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Can you limit sleeping & sitting to 23 1/2 hours/day?

best health ROI
Dr. Mike Evans is a preventive medicine researcher. He found the single biggest and important health investment you can make is: be active between 20 and 30 minutes a day. Evans says, walking is a great way to get it done so take the dog out, get off your bus a stop early, get out with some friends or #walkwithmike. But you can also ride a bike (stationary or mobile), do yoga, Pilates, garden or take an aerobics class. The important thing, is just move!

In this clip Evans calls 23 1/2 hours, the doctor shows you why this is true.

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