NJ serious about protecting LGBT community from conversion therapy

love needs no cure

A protest against a conversion therapy conference in London in 2009. Photo credit: Nicolas Chinardet

In June 2013, the state assembly voted to make New Jersey the 2nd state to prohibit conversion therapy. Salon writes,

Assemblyman Tim Eustace — the bill’s sponsor and an openly gay man — has called the practice “an insidious form of child abuse.”

Conversion therapy is always forced, psychologically brutal and it is sometimes, physically damaging as well. Furthermore, it is based on the false premise that being gay is wrong.

On 25 June 2015, New Jersey courts acted to establish another legal avenue for protection to victims of conversion therapy by opening an avenue for collecting financial damages:

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Look at these pictures of Gaza – they show a paradise

These are pictures of Gaza, which Hamas and people hostile towards Israel describe as a concentration camp. These are anything but concentration camp conditions – this is a paradise.

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10 ways well-meaning white teachers bring racism into schools

cultural sensitivity components

Photo credit: uvm.edu

I’m blown away by this great list of 10 ways well-meaning white teachers bring racism into schools. Number 2 is my favorite:

2. Being ‘Race Neutral’ Rather than Culturally Responsive

In my work with teachers, I sometimes meet teachers who claim that they “don’t see Color,” both in naïve attempts to be “progressive” but also in an ill-advised attempt to avoid tracking students based on race/ethnicity.

But our students don’t need a “race neutral” approach to their education.

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USPS Job Fair in E. Orange for many locations 9/15 6-8pm

USPS job fairUSPS Job Fair in East Orange for many locations

East Orange, NJ
Tues 15 Sept 2015
44 City Hall Plaza
East Orange NJ

Jobs include (but aren’t limited to)
City and Rural Carriers
PSE Clerks
Mail Handler Assistants
Tractor Trailer Drivers
Auto Mechanics

Dress like you’re ready for work and arrive as early as you can!

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Gotta watch video of Sanders dressing Alan Greenspan right down

Bernie SandersBernie Sanders vigorously confronted Alan Greenspan on his flawed economic policies in 2003, 5 years before the Great Recession set in and Greenspan admitted to the Congressional Oversight Committee that he had been wrong for 40 years in his perceptions and the policies he had informed during his tenancy as Federal Reserve Chair.

Sanders told Greenspan that because he spent his social time in country clubs and cocktail parties, Greenspan had become so far removed from the lives of average citizens that he had no idea what their concerns and needs are. Women for Bernie Sanders offers the comment, “Bernie knew all along that it was a flawed ideology.”

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Kasim Hafeez was raised to hate Jews and now defends Israel

Kasim HafeezKasim Hafeez is a man raised in a fundamentalist Muslim household to hate Jews and Israel, who had a complete reversal of sentiment, and now loves my people. He established StandWithUs 12 years ago, an NGO that educates people around the world about why Jews and Israel are worth supporting rather than bashing.

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Disturbing: Google is promoting hatred of Jews by skewing search results

Anti-semitic statisticsI was searching for a graphic depicting the fundamental unfairness of bashing Israel for defending itself against Arab attacks and increasing, global anti-semitism. But Google wouldn’t let me find any of those images: it just let me find images of Israelis unfairly attacking Arabs.

I don’t believe that the poor Arab, ugly Israel propaganda promoted by Big Media is the real truth underlying today’s Middle East conflict. But it’s quite apparent that this is what Google wants people to believe. By skewing search results to feed anti-Israel sentiment, Google is practicing fundamental unfairness and injustice. Shame on you, Google.

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Ramos is a champion of truth and real reporting, not a disrupter

Jorge Ramos at UnivisionAnyone who thinks of criticizing Univision’s Jorge Ramos for confronting Donald Trump on August 25, should know what Ramos experienced with Trump before the confrontation … should also understand why Ramos felt it was important for him, as one of the US Latino community’s most notable leaders, to get Trump’s immigration policy out in the open and on record … and should definitely understand the sorry state into which United States journalism has fallen in recent decades. Those who do, will appreciate Ramos for taking a stand in defense of real reporting and will applaud his bravery and service to the public.

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Why the TPP’s so bad, and why you should care


Info on TPP found at the EFF website

You know the part where they teach you that we are citizens of a democracy – which means free speech, civil rights for all and fairness in our justice and commerce systems?

No matter what we might be duking out on United States soil in regards to what that means for People of Color, women, transgender folk and whatnot .. what would our lives be like if those rights were permanently taken away from all of us, permanently .. and control over them were given not even to foreign governments, but to major corporations instead of any government at all?

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Cop openly admits to stopping man for looking him in the eye

FeltonAs soon as he realizes a policeman he passed is tailing him, John Felton starts his camera’s video going. Which makes it all the more incredible when the cop openly tells Felton that the main reason he tailed him looking for a reason to stop him, is that Felton made eye contact with him. Oh boy :(

The David Pakman Show offers good coverage and clips from the video.

From the video:

“You’ve been tailing me for how long? You just needed a reason to pull me over,” Felton says. “No disrespect, I don’t have nothing against police officers, but all this sh*t that’s going on now? That’s some scary sh*t. To have a police officer just tail you, and then you pull me over, ’cause you said I didn’t signal — what? Do you know how it looks?”

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I love the Kung Fu Bear!

Kung Fu BearKung Fu Bear is a master of the fighting stick. Don’t believe me? Watch!

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Share your opinion at POP election forum Mon Aug 24

POP members and communityPeople’s Organization For Progress (POP) will hold a community forum on Monday 24 August on “The Obama Years and the 2016 Election.” This event is sponsored by POP and Marlo’s Cocktail Lounge. The program is free and open to the public.

Chairman Lawrence Hamm extends his personal invitation:

This is a community speakout. There are no guest speakers. Anyone in attendance who wants to give an opinion on the topic will be given an opportunity to do so. All are invited. Please make every effort to attend. Thank you. Power to the people!

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People from age 7 to 93 give advice to their younger selves

Wiretap, a CBC radio show that’s just ending after an eleven year run, produced this short video as a gift to its listeners. In “Aging Gracefully”, a series of progressively older folk give advice to the people they were … not long ago.

93 year old

A 93 year old advises his younger self, “Don’t listen to other people’s advice. Nobody knows what the hell they’re doing.”

Although they’re going off the air, WireTapWiretap is keeping its Facebook page open, so check it out.

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Teen acts quickly and subtly to save woman from kidnapper

Malyk Bonnet with Laval Police

(Laval Police foto)

Feeling that a woman he observed was in danger, teen Malyk Bonnet offered to buy bus tickets and then lunch for the woman and her kidnapper – a former boyfriend the police were already looking for. Acting like a friendly guy with time on his hands and some money to burn, Bonnet stayed close to the couple until he could phone the police, who arrived tout suite and arrested the guy.

Bonnet undoubtedly saved the woman from physical harm and perhaps, even death. Bonnet is a hero, and Twitter loves him!Here’s what the Laval, Quebec police say:

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Broekman’s revelation re our extinction and the GOP

uncle sam don't question

Via mytruesense.org

My friend Han Broekman shares a startling revelation.

I have come to a conclusion:

Either the people will elect to make the GOP extinct, or the GOP will come through and make the people extinct.

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