America is grateful for Obamacare

Daily Kos reports on the raving success of Obamacare across the nation and shows photographs of people lined up for blocks to get live help at on-site signup stations. We see one lady hugging Obama tearfully. Her sister died – needlessly – of colon cancer: a life that could have been saved easily if Sis had had health insurance to pay for treatments.
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Time lapse: watch European borders change over 1000 years

Watching country sizes and borders change is fascinating and the video is surprisingly short – at just a tad over three minutes long. What is now Poland was Lithuania for quite a long time … During a period of several hundred years, much of Europe between today’s France and Poland were very small but individual countries which have either expanded or been absorbed by other nations. Spain has mostly been a single country but changes color on this time lapse portrayal – I don’t know what that means in the context of changing national borders.

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These wild animals talk, and say the funniest things!

This compilation of the best scenes from BBC film is so delightful. A little birdie moonwalks towards the end.

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Weatherdude accurately called March storm warning a hoax

Dennis Mersereau aka WeatherdudeDays before the “historic” early March 2014 storm that never materialized, I came across an article on Daily Kos by Dennis Mersereau aka the Weatherdude. He accurately predicted the storm was not going to develop. Dennis went on to say that the warning was a hoax perpetrated by one man who fooled the entire country with a fake weather report (“Kevin Martin is pulling this “storm” out of his ass”) and that the fake meteorologist has done this several times already.

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Buffalo Soldier Luís Lopez Wei at 3 Centuries of Black Soldiers

3 Centuries Black Soldiers Trenton Barracks 2014

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Today, I appreciate master journalists

This morning, I have journalism on my mind. When I think of journalism, I think of excellence in delivering information so well that our understanding of an issue is instantly made much deeper; or when a skilled journalist shows us how relevant the topic is to our society and lives that our interest in it transforms from casual to compelling. I would like to share two examples of journalism brilliance.

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Dems don’t offer Blacks enough support but GOP is worse

Friend Bryan Alexander reminded me tonight that Dems take the Black vote entirely for granted. He’s so right. This is probably one of the big reasons that communities of color aren’t getting the help they expected with fighting public school takeovers by charters (Philly) … schools being just closed down (Chicago (where 49 schools were closed in one day – by Dem mayor Rahm Emmanuel) and Newark) and why Dems supported the devious Governor Christie’s 2013 re-election bid instead of getting behind Democratic Party candidate Barbara Buono – a progressive with a long, strong record of promoting excellence in public education, and transparency and accountability in the realm of public service and politics.

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Government By the People Act gets tremendous support in just 2 days

Gov't By the People ActCongressman Jon Sarbanes (D-MD) introduced the Government By the People Act this past Wednesday and it already has half the House Co-sponsors needed to make it law. Here’s what they’re saying about it. Continue reading

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Is your Congressman against Big Money corruption in America?

Represent Us CD Team
Project 435 wants to get all 435 US Congressmen on record as being for or against the American Anti-Corruption Act. The next step will be, running a national campaign to publicize Congressional Representatives’ stand against (or not against) corruption and then leverage bipartisan public support to get the American Anti-Corruption Act passed.

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Fun with words aka Washington Post/Mensa contest winners

social problems & solutionsFriend Rita Louie of Haverstraw posted this fabulous list of fun word-plays on Facebook. While I was looking for attributions forthis post, I learned that the list’s origins are obscure. I traced some words to a 1998 Washington Post Style Invitational Contest but I didn’t see any reference to Mensa. Other words seem not related to either organization. The list is a world of fun, though, and it will make you laugh!

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