Life is a guessing game

#WiseFriend Ian Rowcliffe muses: Life certainly is a guessing game, where you work at improving on your guesses

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Gotta believe somebody

Le Creuset Demi Tea Kettle
I bought a nice little Le Creuset enamel-outside tea kettle second hand and when I washed it up, I spotted a little rust where the body meets the spout – and in the bottom of the spout. I googled on getting rid of rust and came across a delightful post. The technique suggested is for good advice for removing rust from a cast iron pot (which mine isn’t, exactly), but the poster’s counsel on how to choose a method out of all those offered in the thread, is absolutely wonderful! See for yourself:

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Chinese actress’ short takes stand against ivory

mystic elephant
Chinese actress Li Bingbing and her children campaign against ivory with this powerful 60-second film. 96 elephants are killed every day for their ivory.

When the Buying Stops, the Killing Can Too. Save the elephants.

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Check the laws – pepper spray may be only legal spray

pepper spray cops
I’ve never thought of keeping attacker-proof spray around, but if I want some, it seems like pepper spray would be a better choice than mace or other sprays. Facebook friends like wasp spray, but the drawback is that according to Snopes, it’s illegal in many jurisdictions:

Anna C. Ward says: If you are thinking about mace in the house for protection, you might consider wasp spray. It is non lethal, accurate up to 20 to 30 feet and is legal tho it will give a potential robber a very bad day.

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Must-read on the sacredness of voting

FlagOn December 14, the New York Times published Op-ed Columnist Charles M. Blow‘s opinion America, Who Are We? Mr. Blow writes on “Politics, public opinion and social justice” and his thoughts are deep and persuasive.

Last week I spoke at a seminary and graduate school in New York about the protests following the grand jury decisions in the Michael Brown and Eric Garner cases.

It was invigorating and inspiring to be among so many young people with so much passion about social justice, young people beginning to feel their power as change agents and brimming to exercise it by disrupting the status quo.

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How do you handle mail tampering?

TD Bank Envelope openedWhen I saw this bank envelope had been ripped open, I assumed my kids had opened it, then left it in the mailbox in the hallway my family shares with one neighbor. I looked inside and found the Visa debit card I had been waiting for. But it wasn’t my kids. So, my mail has been tampered with. What to do?

Post office rep says, “First thing is to file police report, then we’ll give you the number to the inspection service and the matter gets referred over to them.”

Police officer arrived about 15 minutes after I called. He asked some questions and said I can pick up his report in 5 days at the violations bureau window. They don’t dust for fingerprints on an item like this, as it’s been handled by too many people. The officer gave me really valuable advice: that I can either replace my credit card and get a new number, or monitor my bank account for unauthorized withdrawals (there haven’t been any to date). He reminded me that replacing the card means I will need to contact any companies that make automatic withdrawals and update my data with them .. and suggested asking my bank if they will handle this as an automated service.

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#Afterthoughts: attend an #EricGarner protest or hold one

Eric Garner rallies

Here’s a schedule of Eric Garner #icantbreathe protests happening around the country. Attend one or add your own to the national protest list.

Found via Daily Kos

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#Afterthoughts: what disenfranchisement does

Friends share #afterthoughts in the days following #Ferguson and #EricGarner.

new age of slavery flag

Analilia Mejía, on Facebook

Analilia Mejia
07 Dec 2014 at 08:42
Watching a White Christmas for the first time this morning and all I can think of is that this exemplifies the economic disadvantage forced on people of color.. There are no black soldiers in the 151 Division, in fact no black characters asides for the AA car porter (whom at the time would have been discriminated against in employment, advancement and pay). All of the happy GI’s who created comfortable lives (enough to drop everything and head to Vermont) did so through their access to higher Ed, a growth in professional jobs and their ability to build equity in a newly created suburbia. Blissfully ignorant (or directly complicit) to the denial of the same benefit to AA GI’s. Redlining prevented home purchases and neighborhood covenants kept them out of suburbia (and its schools). Racism denied (and denies) equal access and advancement into more lucrative jobs and careers. The American Legion and VFW routinely denied claims of African Americans in pursuit of higher education, and those who did access it where barred by racist policies in many universities, or limited to increasingly strained HBCU’s and even then faced the hurdles of an inferior preparation by Jim Crow segregated AND unequal k-12 schools.. This all led to a wealth gap passed on through generations. Your comforts today are DIRECTLY influenced by your grandparents owning a home, generations of superior education impacts how well YOU did (much less if you went). This inequity is exacerbated today by the foreclosure crisis that disproportionately dismantles POC communities thanks to predatory lending. All of this didn’t happen centuries ago and hence we are past it. This systemic racism has tentacles that reach back into times of slavery, peonage re-enslavement, Jim Crow, the struggles of the civil rights era and into today with the subsequent dismantling of that dream through continued inequity in education, mass incarceration, an unjust justice system to name a few.. But much like those soldiers and Bing in that movie, most of white America is OBLIVIOUS to all of this. Insulated or intentionally blind. Lucky them, they get to dream about a White Christmas while black mothers are mourning their sons and WE continue to lose our belief in the system this holiday season…

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Add your solution to Ferguson Next

No justice, no peace, what now? Join the conversation with #FergusonNext and at and add your solution.

Please share it with us here too.

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Gotta love these frank-speaking tekkies

How’s this for plain speaking? We don’t want your opinion, dude. Answer the poster’s question or STFU:

Please refrain from discussing your opinions on design and “why” the poster is asking the question, unless it pertains directly to the answer (or expands on it). In this case, it serves no purpose. We like to see direct answers, not monologues on what they should (or shouldn’t) be asking the question. This place is about getting answers. I hope you can appreciate how frustrating it can be to ask a question and have dozens of people respond with their opinions rather than simply supply the answer (as is found on many online forums). Thanks again for participating, but please, keep it on point. – cksum Jan 31 at 22:53

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Using Gmail filters

I know I’m behind the 8-ball with Gmail use. Reason being, I prefer a client-side (runs on my computer) email application, but my trusted friend Eudora is not ever going to work with Mavericks, so I have to make a switch. I’m using Gmail while I choose a new app and learn how to convert Eudora emails over to it without losing the valuable data associated with it (like, dates, for instance).

Found this good tutorial on setting up Gmail filters. It’s well written, easy to understand and has graphics that assist with that. Maybe you’ll like it too. Or when you’re reading an email, use the more pulldown menu option “filter messages like this” to get to step 1 of the setup process.

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Don’t let GOP lies confuse you – Obamacare is a good thing

Twitter trolls are spreading lies about Obamacare and its relationship to Medicare and Seniors. You can combat their lies by getting the real facts and sharing them. Obamacare (aka Affordable Care Act) is a good thing, especially for seniors.

#1 Troll says “Egregious example f Obamacare Medicare cuts-hospital refusing 2 ADMIT seniors & OBSERVING them instead”

Truth: Hospitals have been taking advantage of lack of clarity in Medicare billing procedures to charge higher rates when possible. This is not a failing of the ACA and it is being addressed by Congress.

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Snow shoveling work at Meadowlands for winter 2014–Interviews Mon 11/24 @ Masonic Temple Paterson

snow shoveling at MetLife Stadium

METLIFE STADIUM SNOW REMOVAL (occasional, on demand work)
Compensation: $10-14 per hour
Interviews Mon 24 Nov 2014 6-9PM at Masonic Temple, Paterson NJ

Job Description:
Snow removal employees needed to work after all major snow events at MetLife Stadium during the winter season between NOVEMBER 2014 and JANUARY 2015.

Snow Removal is physically demanding and may take place in cold, wet and miserable conditions, including, but not limited to snow storm events. Ideal candidate must be physically fit, have the proper clothing to stay dry and be able to work for an extensive period of time. Lunch Breaks and Warm Up Breaks will be provided in Indoor Stadium Box Areas between work sessions. Successful candidate must also be a self- starter and be committed to safety at all times. Please visit our website and watch “what to expect while shoveling”

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Meditación hacia la abundancia con Chopra y Cala

Me agrada esta diciplina de 21 meditaciones en Español e Inglés con Deepak Chopra y Cala. Grátis. Aproveche para atraer a la abundancia.
abundance meditation

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Thanksgiving 2014 in Newark – interact and giving FAQ

Here’s more information on giving to and interacting with Newark’s homeless and hungry for Make Thanksgiving 2014 for the Hungry & Homeless! Pictures on this page are from 2012 Break Bread With You Thanksgiving Celebration. Photographer: Kimi Wei

Some of the kids


Reach out to Luís 201-357-7341, Ivan 201-688-0036 or Kimi 862-203-8814 for donation instructions, to schedule a donation drop-off, or to learn about roasting a turkey at your home.

Drop-off Locations

We have drop-off locations in Essex, Passaic and Bergen Counties for food, clothing, shoes and other items at:

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